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During the period of the shutdown we are providing some Biblical/Spiritual material and other information on this and associated pages. This includes:


>  Links to videos of our Live Stream events on Facebook and other recommended videos.
    This includes accessing GBC's new YouTube Channel (GBG Kent).


>  Short talks, devotional Bible readings and words of encouragement & hope.


>   Items for the children including some Bernard the bear stories plus some other recommended
    activities .

1.  For New Testament readings please click here


2.  Bernard the Bear now has his own page. For stories of his life and adventures please click here.


3.  All other Information for Children (videos, craft, pictures etc) is on it's own page.
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6. For Stories, Bible readings, and Prayers providing inspiration, encouragement & hope

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Readings from the New Testament of events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion


01 - Matthew Ch. 26

The Plot against Jesus

02 - Matthew Ch.  27
Judas / Jesus before Pilot

03 - Mark Ch.  14
Jesus anointed at Bethany

04 - Mark Ch.  15
Jesus before Pilot / Jesus' crucifixion

05 - Luke Ch. 22
Judas / Last Supper / Jesus' arrest

06 - Luke Ch. 23
Trial / Crucifixion / Death / Burial

07 - John Ch. 18
Arrest and Trials

08 - John Ch. 19
Trial / Crucifixion / Death / Burial


GBC YouTube Video Channel

The aim of this channel is to provide another way of viewing videos from the live streaming Facebook sessions that our church is using during the current shutdown.

We are also hoping to use this channel for 'live' streaming of services in the future and as well as adding other videos about life/activities within Gillingham Baptist Church.


Devotions / Talks by  Rev Stephen Greasley during the Coronavirus outbreak

The following relate to live streaming sessions via Facebook.  Select the links shown.

1:  Sunday 22nd March 2020 - Sunday Devotions from an 'empty' church.    

2:  Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Midweek Devotions away from church building.

3:  Sunday 29th March 2020 - Sunday Devotions away from church building.

4:  Wednesday 1st April 2020 - Midweek Devotions away from church building.


Messages of Hope & Encouragement

Dancing backwards.   Since you are my rock and fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me.   Psalm 31: v3

We are the church, the bride of Christ (Revelations 21v2).  In ballroom dancing when doing the first dance at the wedding the groom (Christ Matthew 25: v1) takes the lead and the bride (that is us the church Revelation 21: v9) has to move backwards.  d us to the place we are supposed to be.

That means keeping in contact with Jesus by Him holding our shoulder and round our back to lead us and we have to trust Him that wherever He takes us we are safe in his arms.  We, the bride of Christ, can’t see where we are going as we are dancing backwards facing only Jesus.  It is tempting for the bride to turn around and look behind or try to control where she is being led but at this very difficult time of Coronavirus challenge, our role is to rest safe in Jesus’ arms, look into His face and trust Him that He will lea

Let’s worship Jesus and sing My Guardian and Guide me Oh Thy Great Jehovah as a sign that we are willing to be lead safely by Him.

'Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah' - click on link below

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