Here you can catch up on the days and talks you have missed.  If you are new you might want to find out about what  we have been hearing from scripture together.  To access the audio recordings of some of our latest sermons/talks see below.  If you need access to any earlier sermons/talks please contact the church office.

Sermon 15-03-2020 am

Tear Fund

Sermon 08-03-2020 am

Raphael Khelawan

Sermon 23-02-2020 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 26-01-2020 am

Ruth Millard

Sermon 19-01-2020 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 12-01-2020 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 15-12-2019 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 08-12-2019 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 24-11-2019 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Talk 17-11-2019 am

Parvin from SAT-7

Sermon 10-11-2019 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

Sermon 27-10-2019 am

Rev. Stephen Greasley

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