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Even though our Building Refurbishment work has been completed, money is still needed to pay off the loans we took out to help pay for the work.


We also have a General Fund that funds the work of GBC both here in the UK and helps support the work of individuals and agencies worldwide.


There are also a number of practical ways you can support us.


Many thanks to everyone who support us in this work for our Lord.


You too can help ........



Thank you to all those who are continuing their donations to the church during these difficult times.  Most of our outgoings we still need to meet, so your support is much appreciated.  There are various ways you can make a donation, these include the new option of small donations via text message.  Details are below:


Direct to the Bank Account via BACS or a regular Standing Order:


Account Name:  Gillingham Baptist Church

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account Number:  65825356


By Cheque sent to:


The Treasurer

Gillingham Baptist Church




By text Message


Text number 70470

GBC (followed by a number between 1 and 20 indicating the amount in pounds that you are are donating)  eg. to give £5 text GBC 5


If you do not want your phone number to be used by the church for marketing purposes then text GBCNOINFO followed by the amount you are donating.

If you need further details/clarifications please send an email to gbckent19@gmail .com