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Gillingham Baptist Church, Kent

Building God’s Community in the centre of Gillingham

Charity Registration No:  1169112

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Our Premises - the Future?

A special project fund has been established called

‘Fund for the Future’

A well as trying to raise monies through our own resources and people we are also seeking support from other  individuals and organisations that would like to partner with us in this work.

If you would like to donate to our ‘Fund for the Future’ please click on the ‘mydonate’ box below and then follow the instructions.  You can also Gift Aid your Donation.


You can also send a cheque direct to the church office.

If you require further details please contact the Church Office.

If you cannot find all the information you require please contact the church office - click here.

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At various Church Members’ Meetings our members have discussed and agreed a way forward for changing the front of the building and the main worship area.
This is subject to the appropriate finance being available.

This marks over a three year journey for the church, as we have tried to discern the right thing to do with our Victorian premises.

Initial plans were drawn up by Canterbury-based architect Nick Lee-Evans submitted to Medway Council for approval.  This was given in early 2015.

It consists principally of:

Church members and regular attenders are financially supporting this initiative but they cannot complete it on their own, so we are actively seeking financial support  from others (individuals, groups & organisations) for this scheme.

We believe that with this major alteration to the front of the buildings and other changes we will be better able to serve the Gillingham public and it will become a much more effective community resource.

Current situation (March / April 2017)

Changes to the earlier proposals for our building have now been made.

These changes will still provide us with the same facilities indicated above.

Below shows the revised, and approved, frontage design using less glass panels.
The front is also set further back from the pavement.
This has helped to reduce the cost of the build.

                 The smaller picture shows the previous design. >

Other changes have been and are being made to various aspects of the overall build to further bring down costs.

It is hoped that the membership will make a decision on whether to go ahead with the build once all the relevant information is available.