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Gillingham Baptist Church, Kent

Building God’s Community in the centre of Gillingham

Charity Registration No:  1169112

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Some Historical Pictures of Gillingham Baptist Church

The School Chapel 1881 - 1888 GBC after 1975

To see a larger picture of each of the following please click on the appropriate picture

Inside - looking towards the front
Pre 1900 (notice no organ) - Harvest Festival

Inside - looking towards the front
Post 1900 (organ in place) - Harvest Festival

Outside View
Post 1975 (notice new extension)

The School Chapel 1881 to 1888

Young men gathered in front of
The School Chapel

Outside Views - date not known

‘THE TAB - A History of Gillingham Baptist Church’ is now available

THE TAB - A History of GBCThe story of Gillingham Baptist Church is one of pioneering vision, tremendous courage, and a faith capable of moving mountains.  Accelerated growth throughout the Victorian period was followed by war time ministries, church planting at Camden Road and Twydall, and revival in the 1970s.  The book explores the pivotal role of C.H Spurgeon; wider links with the town and other churches; connections with the Baptist Association; and traces this remarkable journey right through to the challenges and opportunities facing the congregation of today.

This 200 page book contains 48 pages of photographs covering the whole period of the church history.  It retails at £10.00 (£12.50 with post and packaging) and copies can be obtained by writing or sending an email to the church office.

Cheques should be made payable to Gillingham Baptist Church and all proceeds will go towards the church’s “Fund for the Future”.   Additional donations are always welcome!

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